Our mission at Caribbean Institute of Hospitality is to create opportunities through education, training, and development that will enable our students to acquire the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes for meaningful contribution to the global economy. We provide high quality education and training to individuals for self or wage employment through a process that integrates theoretical knowledge, practical learning, and professional skills; and through this process, we are able to produce skilled, employable and responsible individuals who can succeed in today’s dynamic world and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Our efforts are guided by excellence, integrity, respect, and an absolute love for human development.

In accordance with its mission, Caribbean Institute of Hospitality supports the following objectives:

  • To enroll students from diverse backgrounds and provide them with an equal opportunity to excel personally and professionally.
  • To deliver high quality education, vocational training and assessment.
  • To foster an awareness of sound work ethics among students.
  • To encourage creativity and entrepreneurship among students.
  • To plan for, and provide, the necessary resources that will meet the needs of our students.
  • To provide students with opportunities that support personal growth and civic engagement.
  • To facilitate institutional strengthening through strategic partnerships with other organizations that will create opportunities for on-the-job training, employment and/or further education and training.
  • To ensure satisfaction among all our stakeholders by constantly assessing and improving the quality, relevance, and delivery of our programmes.

Improving lives through hospitality training